Who knows you, really?

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What is the best thing about being you? Is it your looks? Your mental strengths? Your physical endurance? Your personality?

There is a saying that like attracts like. Or you attract an aspect of yourself through another person you are unwilling to be or have yourself. (I like to think it is you experiencing that part yourself from a safer distance.) What if, in doing this, you are attracting what Spiritual leaders call the Law Of Attraction? It can be the most magical and loving, or irritating and frustrating lingo to hear when you are attracting things in your life. Especially if they are in disharmony with the things you want or see for yourself but are not experiencing. This is the case when you find yourself saying, “My life is great except for this one thing” or “I cannot seem to figure out why or how to get…” Worse yet is the victim standpoint of “Why does it feel like the world is conspiring against me?” Your life may be going along just great but you have a trigger that knocks you out of your feelings of ease and contentment. This can be a person or a thing, like money, a relationship, loneliness, or illness.

How do you shift this? Do you have a person or experience come to mind when thinking about those who ‘out do’ you? First off – How can you compare or judge yourself on any level with another person? Sure, we can compare one or two aspects and come out ahead or sub par, but overall, we can never, with any accuracy, compare our ‘self’ to another person in complete totality because: 1) We are changing and becoming something new and unique in every moment of our life (and so are they).  2) Why, why focus on another’s journey when you have no idea what their bigger picture is.  3) You are comparing yourself to a snapshot in their timeline that is inaccurate to the totality of who, what, where and how they are here being them. And apply that same scenario to your own life. You are on a journey of experiences, emotions, perspective, change and choice.

Embrace your uniqueness, if you use others as a gauge, do it neutrally as an observer, not from a good, better, best standpoint, but instead as a celebration of life, your life. The dynamic of all of us interacting is what allows for such a colorful life here on Earth. We would all be robot like if we all conformed to one standard, however, we fight it generation after generation, we fight to be unique. And honestly, this world is not set up for equality of the masses. It has repeatedly shown us this through racial tensions, religious wars, racism, sexual discrimination, and economic classes. Why aren’t we embracing and respecting the differences within ourselves and others? Instead, we place or displace value on our self as we unrealistically compare and compete.

No one can be here and be you – except YOU, it is such a gift that you are here experiencing your life like no one else is. And even better, those of us who know you, get to see aspects the unique person you are.  We show each other what else is possible beyond what we choose ourselves. I hope this is sinking in as you read these words and know in your heart and mind, that there is nothing wrong or right with you. You ARE here being the energy that makes up you! And you chose this journey – see it as a bigger picture of what you really are – energy, a physical mass of energy constantly flexing, creating, destroying, regenerating everything around you – inside and out. You can not be anywhere or anyone different then where you are now -because if you could you would.  Life unfolds in ways bigger then we can understand in most moments. How many times have you looked back at your life, knowing now that the way things unfolded at the time were the very thing that brought you to NOW?  In this moment, you are right where you are meant to be, and this is leading you to the next moment that continues to unfold as your life. Celebrate this for the journey it is, the variety it brings, the roller coaster of emotions it allows that bring feelings and passions through your body, mind and spirit!


Today be the observer, notice yourself and others.  Let your mind grasp the reality that you are unique and different, and so is everyone else. Realize that there is no reason to compare and contrast from a judgement space, but instead observe the magnificence of everything and everyone around you.  Enjoy that we are all so different: from our mind chatter, our chosen perspective or outlook on life, our unique life experiences or journey, the choice of emotions we challenge ourselves to have to express our passion and self, to our unique physical features. Realize that all of those attributes are allowing us the ability to have a better relationship with ourselves. Why? Because if you were the only person on this Earth and never interacted with another human being, you would never really know or realize the amazing unique beautiful being you are here being.  You would simply just BE, so why not just BE now – celebrating even more – how it is – that you are like no other person out there in the totality that you are. Mind, body, and spirit. That is a lot of dynamic energy in play that needs no one else to exist because you are self contained and identical to no other. It is that play with others that allows you the realization that you are here realizing yourself. That is truly nothing short of spectacular!

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