About Vicki


Vicki is an Intuitive Life Coach, powerful Medium with multi-dimensional Universal eyes, who has been practicing energy work for 20+ years. She uses her clairvoyant wisdom to see clearly the patterns, habits and beliefs that are causing distress in your life and supports your body and mind to make the shifts and releases required to bring transformation. Please call on Vicki to lovingly support your healing, and guide you to a life of clarity, abundance, joy and freedom. Join her in embracing yourself in a space beyond belief, full of a magic enveloping you into an awareness of multi-dimensional expansion.


Painting by Mark Mironov

Painting by Mark Mironov

My approach in a session with you: In my work, I read and hear the spirit and soul conversations that are often unheard by the body and mind. The information inside of you is encoded with information about your life, your desires, and all of your choices and their outcomes.  It is amazing to me how open and excited each individual’s spirit is and how eager it is to be able to communicate so openly and directly with the body and mind. Every experience I have with clients is so different, every session is personalized based on the information I am given. I know there is not a ‘one size fits all’ because I have been given the profound gift of seeing all of your spirits, in their open loving states, that are as unique as you are. I open that connection, creating a flow that allows me to relay your deepest desires, provide clarity on why life situations are happening, and the next steps on your journey. These messages never cease to amaze me at how powerfully yet gently they are given. Communicating the voice of your spirit and that of your loved ones validates the purity and softness of our spiritual selves and brings us into greater communication with our self and the true essence of vibrational energies and how they work.

I approach my work from a judgment-free space believing that there are no mistakes in life, only experiences and perceptions. Call me today for an appointment 303-886-1455, by investing in yourself, the Universe invests in you in ways you never imagined possible.

My credentials:   I specialize in coaching those that are open to seeing their full potential, even when they feel they could be at their best, they contact me to see if there is more. I coach already successful coaches onto how to be even better coaches, high end business people to realize more of their potential or solve career blocks, and have a wide range of clientele that are already considered successful. They contact me because I have a reputation of being extremely accurate and precise and can always bring them into even more expansiveness, awareness’s, and truth. The technique I use is free of personal advice and specific to your life only. I do not get caught up in your story, instead I go past that to your truths.  Most of us can honestly say “no, that’s not true” when asked about something they hold as a belief. I sort out with you what is true and what is a belief.  I also open you up to everything you can have for yourself, and you choose when you are ready to release and receive and shift as a result of that information.

I am a certified Clairvoyant through ICI Church where I honed in on my already developed psychic and medium abilities.

I am a certified Life Coach through the QSCA. Here I continued my expansion of my natural abilities of intuition for myself and others and expanded on my abilities to coach and guide clients to a better place using the Law of Attraction techniques.  I currently use an amazing technique that allows for a more profound impact and direct flow from your spirit – directly to your mind and body for a dialog that moves and shifts energy into clarity, ease, awareness and resolution.

I am actively enrolled in the Life Transformed Life Coaching Program, where I am continuing my education in this amazing life transforming field.  I am enjoying being so intimately connected to such a large group of like minded/hearted people that hold space for me embrace the ability to see the world through the eyes of an Oracle. The information is clean and direct and very accurate.  This definitely works because everyone is getting information direct from their own knowingness of their purpose in life and reasons behind the people and experiences.  Very cool and brings amazing “ah ha” moments throughout the whole session! Everyone moves so much faster in resolving, understanding, and shifting to a new way to look at and see themselves and the world around them.