Motivational Speaker Events


stock-photo-29226604-connectionI am experienced and skilled at motivational and group specific topic speaking.   My expertise is centered on sources higher then what the mind understands or sees. As a result, the engagement results in a more open awareness of how our perceptions create our realities and how we can shift into a more comfortable state of presence with our selves.  This is the start of releasing old patterns of grief, loss, trauma, conflict – both external and internal. We systematically go through processes and awareness’s that bring your group to a greater state of harmony.  This harmony creates a better self reflection and better relationships with your external world of life, relationships, situations, and occurrences. Through comprehensive dialog and exchanges, we will answer your questions around any topic or area, creating a better understanding for the mind and body to fall in line with. These topics are not limited to but can be around:

  • building a solid relationship with all the different aspects of yourself, resulting in improved relationships others and the start of your own love affair with yourself,
  • bringing your awareness to new depths and heights,
  • understanding love and it’s true meaning,
  • processing emotions around death and dying (this often results in gifts of messages from loved ones who have passed on),
  • spirituality,
  • creating a better perspective on your life,
  • creating better relationships,
  • creating a better outlook on life,
  • addressing trauma of any nature,
  • creating a meditation practice that transfers to your day to day life,
  • how to connect to your higher purpose or self
  • letting the old patterns fall away to create a new reality

The list is endless, and if it is a topic that I cannot tap into, I will be upfront and let you know. There has not been a person or group yet that I could not come along side of, and work with, to bring a greater awareness and sense of relief and expansion to.

So please call me to schedule your group experience on the expansion that they are through my motivational speaking geared specifically to what brings your group into more:

  • balance and harmony,
  • knowing and connection to themselves and others,
  • clarity and ease of the bigger picture of what is occurring beyond their perception or understanding,
  • exploring more into actual realities vs their perceived realities,
  • coming to a state of peace and clarity of what happens when we see what we really are,
  • starting a love affair with yourself and others because you are able to discover and feel into the love you are created from,
  • shifting the realities and relationships with yourself and others,
  • learning to be purposeful in what really you are vs what you think or perceive you are.

Call me to schedule your individual or group session, 303-886-1455.