Upcoming Class: Three Pillars to Controlling your Destiny

I am so excited to announce my collaboration with Tara Lee Ayotte where we will be working together to bring more awareness to The Three Pillars to Controlling your Destiny Come check out our class! September 18, 2015

You will leave with the tools and understanding of how to control your life’s destiny.


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About Vicki

Vicki is an Intuitive Life Coach, powerful Medium with multi-dimensional Universal eyes, who has been practicing energy work for 20+ years. She uses her clairvoyant wisdom to see clearly the patterns, habits and beliefs that are causing distress in your life and supports your body and mind to make the shifts and releases required to bring transformation. Please call on Vicki to lovingly support your healing, and guide you to a life of clarity, abundance, joy and freedom. Join her in embracing yourself in a space beyond belief, full of a magic enveloping you into an awareness of multi-dimensional expansion.

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