Psychic Readings

IMG_3290In these sessions, we look at anything from relationship with yourself, to relationships with others and/or explore the nature of who you are in this life. It has a very profound impact on my clients because they have a space to release the outdated beliefs that held them together, which allows the expanding in ways they never imagined.

We start the session meeting you where you are in your life journey and just channel any information that your spirit is wanting you to receive. Many clients come in with an idea of what they want to look at based on emotional, physical, or mental blocks they are aware of. Their spirit easily and freely communicates from a clean space of non judgement and clarity the action steps to expand or resolve the situation. There is very little action that is needed by the client. Because everything is choice, you choose whether to change as a result of the information you have, your spirit loves and completely accepts you because it always sees you as perfect and understands that you are in the best place you can be based on your current perception, it’s only goal is to come into more alignment with you so you can manifest life from a place that is more in alignment with who you really are vs who you perceive yourself to be. Your spirit will work gently with you to reveal hidden blocks and guide you to a greater happier life, where you love yourself more and your life improves, because you are more in alignment with who you really are.

I love this work because I see the client connect with themselves on such a deep level. The information is profound and life changing. I follow the guidance of your spirit, who is ever-knowing and has an unconditional love for you that is beyond anything we have here.

Clients that have done these sessions have gone on self discovery journey’s that exceeded their expectation or imagination. They find the answers they are looking for and at the very least, find themselves wondering ‘what more is there and how do I open myself up to receiving all of it’. Make and appointment with me and we will take that journey of self discovery and expansion together! Invest in yourself and call me today at 303-886-1455.

One on One 60 minutes – $200
One on One 90 minutes – $250
Package – Three hour block (to be used as you want) $450

Booking your first appointment with me?  As a gift of appreciation you receive a free 30 minutes. Cannot afford the fee? Contact me, I always want to help bring anyone into more alignment and I have yet to meet a spirit who isn’t wanting to be more present in the body it chose to live this life in.