My Heart’s Experience in Costa Rica

I just finished an email to a dear friend I met in October, we met at a conference held by RikkaZimmerman and her Adventures in Oneness team. We both went to Costa Rica, or Costa Rikka as I call it, with 70+ beautiful souls and reconnected there. It was the kickoff to a year long training program to release our blocks and open our heart space to be even more successful coaches and facilitators.

I stated in an earlier blog that it was hard to put into words my experience, but after writing him, I discovered I did in fact have the perfect words describing my experience:

What an experience Costa Rica was! I still tear up thinking of how incredible it was and how it changed my life. WOW, the experiences, the new-found incredibly beautiful friendships I formed, and all the people who held me in a space of love that entire trip still overwhelms me. When I think about it, my heart swells and tears form in my eyes. Memories of you and all the other loving souls will forever touch my heart.


To Neil: I know we will keep in touch and I am excited to explore this journey together. You are such a safe haven for me to just be, you and your ability to just flow the same energy as Jesus! So beautiful Neil! Thank you Rikka for guiding me into a place of release and then bliss. Thank you Neil for being my partner that day and for your trust that held me while I sat in a place of extreme vulnerability that knew I could survive being so exposed and raw. It allowed me to release and be forever changed. When I opened my eyes and saw you and all 70+ of you in the room holding so much love for me it just about broke me. It made up for my entire life of holding myself separated from love here on Earth because this love was so unconditional and overwhelming. I truly experienced God’s love in that moment especially and in that week through all of you!

When people ask me to describe the experience I just say, “I will never see myself the same again.” I am expanded beyond belief and was shown so many traits and gifts that I am, and have been gifted the ability to gift that to others. So magical and powerful the spirit world is when we open ourselves to it’s powerful beauty, grace and love!

Thank you to all my beautiful friends/family for loving me. I am forever open to exchange the love and grace and gratitude for which you all represent as versions of me. I love you!

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