IMG_2833Receive messages of insight, validation, and love from departed loved ones. This is an amazing experience for both the receiver and the person who is about to pass or has passed.  I find the messages to be very personal, profound, and heartwarming to the person or people who receive the information.

It has always touched my heart that the messages are so clear and explain so much about the life the person was here to experience and the relationships they had with those around them.  The person receiving the messages is left with a clear understanding of the dynamics that were created in their relationship and why.

Departed loved ones speak from their heart and are free of ego allowing them to communicate in a way that is always free of judgment and blame.  This experience often has a very profound effect on the client as they are able to see, hear, and understand the true essence of their loved one.

Mediumship sessions are available in-person or over the phone 303-886-1455.

45-Minute sessions are for available $125

60-Minute sessions are available for $150