Do you love a good love story?


Do you find yourself wanting a more loving and satisfying relationship? What if that great love story starts within? What if it cannot help but spill out into all aspects of your life as a result of your energetic vibration which you now exist in? What if all possibilities exist and could fall into the one that creates a good love story?

We all love a good love story.  We love seeing couples experiencing love. Did you ever notice the bubble they are in and how the outside world doesn’t exist? They are in a bubble of seeing the perfection of everything and everyone. This focal point of being in bliss over the way you feel when you are around another person. Notice the difference in what I am saying versus what you may be hearing.  It isn’t the way the other person makes you feel, that is a small part of it, it is the way you feel when you are around that person that keeps you coming back.  This happens for several reason, chemical endorphin dumps, dopamine releases, forgotten feelings of past emotions that are triggered, being in presence because there is no negative space in the relationship, and all the futures you imagine are perceived positive and in happy endings.

This is quite a picture of romance! How many of you thought to yourself, I want that or that never lasts or I have given up on that ever happening for me?! For a few, it is your daily experience because you are (in)love. What if the reason it doesn’t last or you do not have it is because you start to merge your core mind/body beliefs about yourself and life into this pristine space. Your perceptions about yourself and the world end up shifting this pristine place. Your projections, as a result of your perception, cause the other person to appear as though they are changing into those people of your past that hurt you (or built you up) and now they are just like every one else. The self sabotage. One of the hardest things to get people to hear is that they create their reality based on their perceptions, perceptions about themselves, their past, and other people. 

By creating a life where you are in alignment and free from any separation with the mind/body/spirit energies, you will avoid having the mind acting solely on your behalf. Your body is the vehicle for emotions to be experienced, because it runs energies at a slower density, it is able to hold emotions longer then the spirit on its own. Your mind can only recreate emotional states that are your reality based off your past experiences. It is the time keeper, think of the saying “Remember that time when we…” or “I remember when…” It is impossible to recreate an exact memory and the feeling that occurred using the mind or body.  We only remember what it felt like because the body and mind cannot recreate actual events that have already occurred. So the next best thing it can do is to recreate, to the best of its memory, new similar experiences.

33698723_mLet me set up a scenario and see if you can fall into this with every bit of your knowing- A good love story starts within- the knowing deep down that you are everything because you come from a place of One Consciousness, of GodSpace, who’s energy is everything. It is completely neutral until you transform it – to experience an emotion or feeling you are wanting to have. It is your perception of your reality and how you define yourself that allows the energies to transform themselves into how you see or perceive it. This energy is you, in your higher self/GodSpace, and melds into your body and mind level and creates the unique experience that is you. This creation sees no separation between its mind/body/spirit because it’s energies are never in separation. You are a mind/body/spirit energy transformed from the purest form of energy so that GodSpace itself, the One Conscious, can experience an aspect of itself through you.

One of the hardest things we do to ourselves is believe in the separation from source.  (And really, a good love story starts to go bad when separation is created.) A lot of us connect to that space in meditation, books, quiet time, journal writing, religion, spirituality, and other escapes. When the event is over you go back to a belief of that separation existing.  You lose your full potential of who you are and what you able to create when you do it from the space of separation from GodSpace energy, what’s left are the mind/body energies.  Imagine creating a reality based on one aspect of your self missing from the equation, getting around the world with only part of yourself present and actively participating.  It places an unrealistic burden on the rest of you, doesn’t it?  That aspect of you is always doing the best it can to get you where you want to go. But here is what happens:

  • You end up with a skewed version of reality and more importantly, yourself.
  • It takes you longer.
  • You have opportunity to blame others, believing that they get in your way or hinder your progress.
  • You miss the whole big picture and fall into a story that is created in your inability to move to your fullest capabilities due to you using only a part of yourself.  
  • You give up and start to think the world is against you. (However, the Universe is neutral and only brings you energy, you process that into your belief.)
  • You stop being in presence and start processing your life based on the past and a future that cannot find you.

That is what a lot of us are doing with or to our bodies and our minds, our relationships to love, money, success, health, self, etc.  We live in a world of choice, free will, and we have been led to believe that separation occurred the moment we took on a human form. But what we are believing is perceived separation, because we are never separate. Why would we do this? Think of the game telephone, and how over time we have repeatedly reinterpreted straight forward meaning to mean something other then the intent was.   We still have choice and free will, but are every part of the wholeness we exist in, in our mind/body/spirit energy.  We are always in a state of movement and motion and creating. This very state in itself mimics those energies we are created from, because they are all one in the same at the core.

So how do you reconcile with yourself to create that love story from within? First off, honestly answer these questions:

  • Do you believe any part of you is not GodSpace at all times? The parts of you that you see as good, bad, lost, confused, shamed, ego oriented, angry, drunk, drugged, jealous, and any other titles you can think of.  
  • Do you think a good love story should have dependency, co dependency, expectations, conditions, judgement, and criticism?
  • Do you think it is another persons responsibility to come along side you and make you whole and complete?  If so, how long do you have this unrealistic expectation? Until your body dies? Until their body dies? Until they do it wrong then you move on?
  • Do you think people have to change, including yourself, to be around different people? That is role playing.  Is it necessary to role play and if you do, is it satisfying or is it filled with expectation, conditions, judgement and criticism?
  • When was the last time you felt content just being with yourself?  Did it last, or was it momentary, or within an experience?
  • Do you celebrate life in a way that allows the energies to create a reality that reflects how you feel emotionally about yourself?  (You are creating the experiences of your life, whether you see it as a celebration or not. It is a very accurate gauge.)

We want to believe that we create the good stuff with our intention, prayers, manifestations, and the bad stuff happens to us because of others, or we are not doing it right, or we have fallen victim to fate or karma.  This is partially true.  We create all of it based on our core beliefs in our mind and body, which when separated from your spirit, creates a dynamic where you have broken the divine bond of you being whole and one with GodSpace energy. Now your body and mind are frantic on finding the rest of itself it knew it to be when you came into the world, whole, complete and perfect. So it searches outward…it must be missing, it must be someone took it, it must be….out there….somewhere….

15137025_mIt reminds me of Dorthy and the Wizard of Oz. Must be the wizard has it! Let’s go find the wizard, our next relationship, the next escape, the next therapist, the next group of friends, the next spiritual book or teacher…Again, in doing this, we are validating the separation we perceive in our belief as a society of humanity. Can you see how you are now going to look outside of yourself to create a connection and a belief that others can fill that gap that is within us?  So to compensate for your perceived separation, you now you have your mind stepping into a role it was not created for and creating all of your emotions and transferring it to your body to experience. And it is doing the best that it can in it’s separation with the spirit by creating itself into the only thing it is familiar with, your past.  Your mind is here as a reference point slowing down the energies of experience, so that the emotion you wish to have is stored within you, it also creates time- a chronological past and a perceived future. It does this very well, but as we multitask it into creating, it creates an insanity that we then wish to steer away from. Now you have created a loop. Can you see how it can only create and recreate it’s perceptions and that the majority are of some distorted version of your past, the people in it’s memory of your past, the experiences it never got over, the joy it had in an experience or relationship? A loop that may look different, because it is ever moving and never still, so the external dynamics will shift, but the overall underlying theme will be the same or similar. Everything you do will fit into some version of a past event you already had. Worse yet, you will turn everyone you know into some version of someone from your past. No one will be perceived as what they are, because your perception of people only relate to people you already know that formed who you are today…and the cycle continues…and continues…

22368724_mHere is a really cool knowing, you are NEVER separated from your spirit and GodSpace.  It is the one giving you the neutral energies and experiences. If your answers to the above questions resulted in agreeing to the unrealistic expectations you place on others because you are trying to bridge that gap of separation within yourself, you can change that by changing the relationship you have within your own body/mind/spirit. The list above is you living to find that fulfillment in others and having them fall short because it is your separation that creates the need and desire to find fulfillment in others. We are taught so early in our beautiful lives about separation.  Now, as adults, it has become mainstream thinking, but you can change this and see a whole new world unfold itself as you complete yourself by merging into one awareness with one aspect of yourself as a mind/body/spirit. Creating the uniqueness of you with no separation, in a state of being that is choice of whatever it wants to experience, in the freedom of the neutral energy it is, as emotional wholeness.

So sit with that and unfold your deepest knowing into that which you really are, just for a second or moment, remembering that thought that brought you into being, in the wholeness of one mind/body/spirit energy.  Seeing that the energy of you, as you, and one with the GodSpace energy. You are that energy of GodSpace creating and allocating it’s own energies into the form you are, so that it can experience its self outside of insanity. It is being ever present and everything in all it is, as a constant flux of everything in every given moment, imagine what a tumultuous experience that is, that is why I reference it as insanity. So it creates us, as well as other forms, with it’s own energies, and experiences within itself contrast and form and density. It goes to that saying we love to refer to: You are made in the image of God or God’s image, (another one of those telephone game miscues).  Think about that and the real truth of it, it is not the physical form of God, but the energy form of God, it is God, not an image but the actual energies of God. Constant movement and in a state of flux at all times, every choice is new, every moment is new, in every second you are new and constantly recreating yourself.  You are the sanity of itself within itself.  You are that energy, it is why it is so familiar. Find your own truth in that, we all come here with our own awareness within that awareness of what we are. As you close your gap of knowingness, your truths will come in and you will experience life as never before. You will be in love with everything, most importantly, yourself.  This creates a ripe environment for your Universe to create even more love by using the energies of love to come through others.

Contact me if you feel stuck or unable to move past your mind/body connection and into the wholeness of the mind/body/spirit connection.  I love this work and am always wanting to come along side of those looking for deeper connection and wanting more of themselves. Call or text me at 303-886-1455.


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