Intuitive Life Coach



Painting by Mark Mironov

Painting by Mark Mironov

My focus is on mind/body/spirit alignment and integration. As an Intuitive Life Coach, I help you look at options and with your spirit as your mentor, I relay the information your spirit has, in a way the body and mind can hear it. Together, we open to the shifts and changes required to bring your mind and body on board to your truest potential. I have yet to meet a person who’s spirit did not have information for the mind and body that would allow for more alignment and a better version of an easier more expansive life. What we do in a session is so effective because you start creating an alignment that reveals your true core and you are able to recognize and create from a new space, release and reveal beliefs and truths, bring in easy tools and awareness’s that you use outside of our session.  You will be amazed at how much clarity and guidance your spirit is ready to give. You break cycles, learned behaviors taught to you by others, beliefs that do not align with you, and give yourself choice to choose something different. Clients leave knowing that they have reconnected to a version of themselves free of the confines of the mind and full of love and knowledge and expansion.

During your session, we also do energy clearing to remove any blocks or hindrances that present themselves.   Clients frequently leave their session with a sense of clarity and direction, and an excitement to move forward. This shift is profound and clients often report a tingling or buzzing feeling in their heads or bodies and feeling the need to smile. I notice the physical brightness of their eyes. The saying that the eyes are the window to the soul confirms that connection they experienced. I would love to do the same for you!

Life Coaching sessions are available in-person or over the phone 303-886-1455. Start investing in yourself today for an improved tomorrow! YOU ARE worth it!


First appointments are always gifted a free 30 min. I believe that every one’s spirit should have a voice and the ability to connect to the body it came here to experience life with and through, so contact me for discounted rates if you feel the calling but are in a financial bind. I love this work and have a heart that calls to all spirits, so if yours is calling to call me, do it and we will work out something.

One session $200-$250 (this can be applied to a package if you decide to invest longer term in yourself and feel I can help you reach your goals). This is for a 60-90 minute session.

One month package for 3 weekly 60-90 minute appointments $450

Three month package for $1250 paid up front
Three month package for $425 a month

Six month package for $2400


What you get when you purchase a three month plan. Each session is 60-90 minutes.  My goal is to get you to a place where you trust your spirit or “that little voice in your head”  that is connected to your heart, and release or quiet the mind/ego voice that creates a loop in your world of repeated patterns or blocks that keep you stuck or unsure. I want you to see the shifts of clarity, ease, and growth you can accomplish with each session!

The first month we will work primarily with your spirit doing the majority of the facilitation with me. Meaning your spirit will guide me to relay information to how and why things are the way they are, and what steps or blocks need to happen or be removed to pave the way for month two. The second month we will expand your relationship with your spirit to where you start to recognize the healthy voice in your head and heart as the one guiding you. The last month we will work to integrate the mind to a quieter place, which allows for the spirit/heart connection to expand to where you become the flow of those things you desire in your life.

Six month package includes 60-90 minute sessions.  We will do the same things as the three month package as well as open up and clear beliefs that are holding you in place and causing repeating patterns that you are not finding satisfying any longer.  We will expand in all areas of your life to include, romance, relationships, business/work, your past, your relationship to yourself and any other areas that we see has blocks.

Each session will include taking notes and writing in your journal, assignments, and me working along side of you, to uncover and shift your core so that you can realize and be aware when you are following old patterns vs the new ones we create.  You will see and feel these shifts after every session and between sessions.  Your awareness and creativity and successes will be realized and all aspects of your life will shift as you open yourself up to your possibilities. This time and money you invest in yourself will forever change your life. Your life will have more clarity, successes, happiness, and freedom.