Your world a symptom of you.

IMG_2909What does this mean? Our world as individuals (and as a collective) is a symptom of our internal dialog. You are always actively creating your outcome, but many have put this feature on auto pilot. These learned survival mechanisms are put in place as children when we seek love and approval from the adults influencing us. We show up, as adults, in a way that validates our core inner beliefs. Both positive and negative emotions and behaviors become ingrained as a result of the different influences we experienced.

Life is a flow of what you believe yourself to be. You are always creating a flow. Both from a positive and/or negative aspect. Today, practice flowing a positive self image, be diligent in focusing on that self talk every time an experience happens to you. Are you using words of gratitude and love around the experience? Or are you validating a negative pattern of how the world doesn’t show up for you? At the end of the day, ask yourself how many times your day catapulted on itself in either a positive or negative way. Again, this is a symptom of your inner dialog. Spend the next day and the next focusing on shifting and correcting yourself when you are thinking negative statements, about yourself, others, or situations.

I see repeated patterns how the world is a symptom of our internal value system. When we focus on ourselves enough to notice repeated patterns, we can look inside at the value we have about our own worth. So take a moment to notice repeated patterns with friendships, money, intimacy, body image and notice the self talk you have around these. The Universe can only reflect back to us what we are flowing.  It has no vested interest in us as individuals, so those feel good or feel bad thoughts and feelings that repeat and show up externally is the world honoring us in our desire to experience freedom of choice. Our choice in how to view those experiences are the defining moments that create the resulting symptoms. How do you change that so your life shifts?  Start by opening up that dialog with the internal voices because they are key to change. Are you on auto pilot just trying to get by and survive? Or do you experience your life in a loop of repeating patterns, never really breaking through to the potential you know is possible? If either of those sounded like you, then you definitely have some repeating patterns going on.

The world has so much going on, think about the enormity of that. It really isn’t going to focus on you, so it applies Universal Laws. You are your own little piece of that world, as a result, because of the pure dynamic of ‘what you flow-you will attract’ it has no choice but to do just that: emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Any areas you have disconnect cannot show itself positively. So start expanding yourself on the flow of health, love, gratitude, abundance, knowingness, awareness and start purposefully showing up for yourself. Your world will continue to reflect itself as symptoms of your internal dialog. However, this time it will feel like it is on your side, because if you think about it, like it or not, it has been showing up how you were showing up for yourself. People and situations can only be what your perceptions are. Your perceptions are your beliefs, judgments, and programs.  This shows itself as external symptoms. Play with this for a week and notice. Don’t overwhelm yourself with the doing part, it really is a state of being. Start with a mantra like: I am the flow of gratitude, peace, harmony, health, vitality and love. Repeat it until the mind chatter quiets and then feel it in your mind, heart and body. Mantras are an excellent way to quiet an overactive mind trying to figure out how to solve all the problems it created. But as you are learning from this blog, the problems in your life are only symptoms showing up on that self talk that goes on inside, so shift the self talk and shift the minds perception of its tasks.

If you need or want help in this area, please call or text for an appointment, 303-886-1455. I am a firm believer of investing in yourself! After investing in a less then positive life that showed it’s symptoms of me everywhere, I am choosing to invest in a greater experience that has blown me away beyond my imagination. And the ease of it, once I broke myself open was astounding! “Flow, ease, love and gratitude…receive and release,” my internal mantra.

An exercise in your awareness: Skip this if you feel you are a flow of positive and the world reflects this in your daily, weekly, monthly, yearly life.

Take a moment now and think of some exchanges of emotional feelings behind the symptoms that most impacted you as a child. I have provided examples to stir up emotions so you can see how easily these things hide in us. Examples of symptoms both positive and negative would be:

  • Whining, crying, or begging to eventually getting attention or your way, (getting picked up for attention satisfies our need for love and affection, giving in by parents allows us to experience empowerment). As an adult, you may badger or manipulate situations to get your way, leaving the other person feeling like you owe them or that the relationship is often one sided for them. You may hold grudges or keep lists of perceived wrongdoings or slights.
  • Being happy or helpful or a pleaser to appease a tired, short tempered or emotionally disconnected parent, (receiving gratitude, validation, love or affection for being a good kid.) This results in your own emotions being ignored, you start to ignore your own internal dialog and loose yourself, you become a chameleon, reading people and showing up based on THEIR emotional state and your need to keep/make them happy. There is little satisfaction for anyone in this scenario because emotional highs are short lived and are only as satisfying as the gratitude given by the receiver. You may also hold yourself back because you can only be as happy as those around you.
  • Lying, sneaking, drinking or drug use, and/or eating disorders stem from parents who are absent, take away choice, ridicule, physical or emotional abuse, or invalidating or denying your decision making or opinions you tried to express. (You yearned to be heard, validated, your desires to be acknowledged. You wanted to feel important and loved unconditionally. Instead your role models choose to deny your voice and freedom of choice and opinion. Your only control was that of your body or to escape all together through various means).

As an adult, by overachieving or self destruction or escape mechanisms, you are trying to prove or disprove the internal/external value their projections put inside you. As an adult, you overtax or betray your own body, emotionally, spiritually, mentally and/or physically. Think back to the adults who influenced you, and notice how these adults were showing up for themselves and for you. These are symptoms of an internal dialog that they had themselves, and in your pure form of love, you showed up, changing who you were to be the very things they projected onto you by their influence. You gave up on yourself because you had no voice, no way to protect yourself from the disconnect or pain of feeling unloved, rejected for your opinion, ideas, love, or gratitude. As a result, you buried these emotions into programs, beliefs, judgments. In order to survive, they became the mainstream or flow of your thinking, feeling and projecting.  Now you are an adult and you may not even be aware of how deep these issues have ingrained themselves. But if you take the time to reflect honestly on what your symptoms of your life are, you will have a great insight as to how deeply your beliefs about yourself are. You can change your self talk! You can change your life experiences! You can change your flow!

Keep an awareness journal and at the end of each log entry, put positive aspects about you and your life. Or start with just reflecting at the end of each day how people or situations unfolded around you and at the end validate positive aspects of yourself.  Focus on you, not on others because you are projecting your reality on the situation based on your internal dialog. Take time to notice any shifts in your days following.  We all have days that fluctuate emotionally. What I am talking about is something deeper seeded.  Please call me for an appointment if you feel you are ready to invest in yourself, a more positive life, and a desire to shift into a more loving open version of yourself for yourself and a life of positive possibilities. I will bring you to a new awareness, into a brighter more amazing version of yourself. I can see past the version of yourself you show to the world as a result of those childhood experiences and connect you to the version of you that you are meant and feel yourself to be.

Vicki-The HeART of Loving

303-886-1455 – call or text any questions.

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