How much are you worth?

vector love yourself How do you put a value on yourself? Do you see the value in living an authentic life? Do you see value in:

  • Honoring your emotions/feelings or do you stuff them into your darkness?
  • Speaking your truths or do you stifle your voice in order to avoid conflict or emotions that represent your inner feelings of pain or joy, sorrow or elation, hurt and rejection or ecstasy and freedom in order to avoid another person’s emotional set point?
  • Living your life to the fullest in any given moment or do you wish you were someone or somewhere else – in relationship, job, money, weight, role, place in life, experiences?
  • The mundane, the normal, the drama, the dynamics of the world and people and how it all affects you or do you blame, victimize, deny, withdraw, have contempt?
  • Do you show up consistently and authentically or do you role play and mislead yourself into thinking that your value comes from your role in your relationship with others. Roles like parent, child, friend, lover, spouse, employer, employee?

Too many of us define our value in how successfully we role play, and in exchange, we give up our ability to authentically express and feel our own feelings, emotions, desires, ideas or self. Valuing your worth should be about honoring and being honest with your feelings, self-reflection, self-awareness and reflecting that authenticity. Many of us compartmentalized our life and ourselves, by interjecting into each role emotions that create a perceived belief about sacrifice, pride, ego, power, love, validation, guilt, shame, conditional love, etc.

  • Self awareness comes from realizing that others are only showing up based on a perspective that you are showing them on how to treat or be with you.  
  • Self reflection shows up by owning how you are representing yourself to others.
  • Being honest with your feelings entails not blaming others for the perspective you choose, for the reaction you have to how they treat you, or how your life is failing you. You are failing yourself by not realizing the signs that you are not in harmony and your life is reflecting this.

This may have a positive or negative feel to it, depending on how you value yourself. So what value do you put on yourself based on these statements?

vector accept yourselfHow often are you valuing or devaluing yourself and your worth? You are your most valued asset. There is NOTHING AND NO ONE that has more value then you should have for yourself. Your enjoyment and quality of life will be directly reflected on the value you see in yourself. Your perception of yourself runs parallel to your life experiences. This is because you create your world, your experiences, your reality through the energies you emit.
vector value yourselfHow do you know if you are living a life of value? You are the only one who truly knows you. You are your own best ally or your own worst enemy. No one knows the things you think about yourself or others. No one knows how your body feels when it reacts to outside stimuli, like words, actions, looks from others or yourself in the mirror. No one knows your mind’s chatter and what it says. No one knows your past and how you processed or reacted to the behavior of others. My point is that you put the value of what you are worth on yourself. Some of us are allowing others to devalue our worth by believing their judgments about us as true. This tragic mistake comes from our own belief about our self as not being good enough. This is the starting point on the war we wage on our own value. If you do not believe this is true, think of someone you feel ‘out does’ you in money, looks, relationships, career, life. Notice what emotions come up within when you do this and notice how this is all internal dialogue that comes from the mind, body, or heart space.  If you cannot think of anyone, you have a very strong value of your identity and self. You realize that your unique differences create a beautiful person who is worth loving fully and completely, because of (and in spite of) every thing you went through to be where you are today. Yours is a journey of experiences that only you can deem invaluable. You feel no need to compare because your focus is inward.

vector believe yourselfSociety has led us to believe that we can compare our self to others because we are all here in a human form. We compare and judge differences and meld them into one likeness to which we then fall short or excel in, leaving us feeling inferior or superior. But what if you could see that we are all in our own sub universes, creating experiences unique to our mind, body, spirit dynamic, which was molded from the time we were born (our mind), our own desire to know our selves (our heart), and to experience those things (our body) we believe to be true about us.

Are you starting to see why it is important to put worth and value on yourself and not the roles you engage in? Without self-worth and value you will succumb to the unfair judgments and inaccurate beliefs and comparisons of others or conditional love. You will also start to form a life that shows up just as inaccurately, because what you believe is what manifests in your life. Each role that you play where you are not your authentic self, where you change who you show up as, will often have conflict or failures because it is full of conditional love, expectation, judgement, and competition.  Please feel how often you show up differently in your role-playing. Finding value in yourself regardless of your interactions has an enormous impact of how the world sees you and how you see it. It creates a space that allows the energies to flow with an ease and gratitude and love.

CreationHopefully, you can read this and understand the enormity of what I am about to say. We all have a higher power on which to draw on that resides within us. It rests within us at all times subconsciously creating a reality before us that allows a clear picture of what our beliefs are.  It is magical in that way and extremely powerful.  I have drawn on this power to transform my life without having to purge people or move to a place of isolation from the world.  By freeing my mind (mostly) of my role playing and showing up more authentically, I can and want be around the same people and situations because it all shifts, further validating that it truly starts within. I can see that power it is as the most important asset that I have.  Loving and looking within for my shifts and changes as I process and flow into the life I am living. We are all this, you and I, and together we create our inner truths into our outer realities.

One last note: Do not make this wrong or bad and devalue your own life because you think it should look or feel differently.  The reality is that you are living the internal vibrational energies that then create themselves into a physical expansion that is beyond anything your mind can conceptualize.This is the beautiful reality that allows you to see the amazing value that you are, positive or negative, it is a very powerful state of being.  So what do you choose? Authenticity or a muddled reality? It all has value because it is all you, the only thing defining it is your mind and it’s perspective.  Your heart knows you are already everything and is only waiting in neutral energy to manifest those things into reality that you are focused on in believing yourself to be.

vector life creating yourselfCall me at 303-886-1455 if you find yourself wanting to understand the dynamics of what you are creating. I love talking with clients and opening them up to possibilities from a clean channel that is unique to only them.  We are all so amazing, even in our mind’s idea of broken or unease, which is also felt by the heart. I see the struggle and I also see your real heart’s truth and love for itself, your body, and your mind. I can help you align your mind and heart and body to a cleaner less muddled more authentic place.

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