How my life created a hick-up that changed life’s course.


“We spend our whole lives creating, manifesting, and perceiving our experiences and outcomes. It was that reality and realization inside of me that took a stand of responsibility and said, “It benefits me greatly to change my perspective and relationship with myself, so I can experience life from a better place then the one where I don’t even have my own back…so why would anyone else.” Vicki – The Heart of Loving

How a hick-up created a yearning that would redirect my life:  I had outer body experiences for as long as I can remember, vivid recalls of how I would float above my body watching myself. Around age seven, I had a ‘near-death’ experience, from breathing the fumes from an exhaust leak.  I was sitting on the lap of Jesus in the presence of God energy.  The love and light there were so unconditional and profound I did not want to leave.  I begged and pleaded with them to let me stay. Obviously they “sent me back” reassuring me by showing me visions of my future and a sense that I would be fine, watched over, and protected. When I “came back” to this realm, I had awareness’s of gifts of seeing, hearing, and knowing beyond what the human senses can detect.  However, I was growing up in a very small town Christian environment, unaware of what it meant to be a psychic, medium, or a channel between dimensions, so I just referred to ‘it’ as voices in my head.

I had these gifts and all I could focus on was what I was missing, the Afterlife of Heaven, GodSpace, One Consciousness, where unconditional love, euphoria, and full awareness is all there is. I found myself feeling like my life was some sort of Hell on Earth because the emotions and perceptions were so different then my Afterlife experience. I blocked out knowing this gift of light and love was right inside of me, unlocked and aware. Instead, I took on the Christianity teachings that God is a person you reach out to, pray to, and are separate from. I spent my time waiting and wanting to die so I could ‘go back’ to a space where I now realize is inside of me.

It is interesting, in retrospect, to notice that while I was aware that God/Jesus Energy had me in complete and total love, my life still took on a self loathing aspect because of my failure to enjoy being a life. I was unable to bridge that euphoria to my reality.  I was overly sensitive to how people treated each other, I did not trust, I found it difficult to receive love because I noticed the conditions, expectations, and judgments love came with.  Because of my own judgments, expectations, and conditions, I was more closed off then those that tried to love me. Looking back, I see how I was living a double edged sword of a no win situation. I was bringing my light into darkness and engulfing myself in the aspects of separation and escape; disrespecting my body with bulimia, anorexia, binge eating and drinking, obsessive compulsive behaviors, addictions and best of all, not really allowing anyone to get close to me in an authentic deeply connected way and always making it the other persons fault when they noticed…ah the list goes on and on.

vector love yourselfWhat changed: ME. I changed my perceptions about myself and the world showed up differently. I started a love affair, of sorts with myself, as a way to love all aspects of me, this included a mind, body, and spirit dialog. What does this mean? I listened honestly to my body and my mind self talk. This allowed me to recognize, acknowledge, change, and release core patterns and beliefs that existed in my body and mind. This awareness was important because I realized I was creating my reality and I wanted and needed to change my repeating patterns of self destruction. As this journey of unravels itself, I am given so many amazing gifts in my opening up to myself. Interestingly, as I opened up my ability to receive and see all possibilities that I am, I have been reveling in a life of non stop gifts of awareness, amazing relationships, experiences that come into my life that are thought to be impossible. I believe in magic again and invite it into my every day experiences! It is such an easier place to live in. All of that expansiveness is the awareness that I am that One Consciousness experiencing aspects of itself through me, and that in turn is my choice on how that reflects itself out into my reality. I have embraced all I know myself to be which is back to the knowing, the psychic, the medium, the channel between dimensions, the inter dimensional me free of limited beliefs where I see all aspects of every one including myself.

So! What can I do for you?  I see and communicate to you the belief system your mind and body runs. I see a purer form of you that does not live in separation, where your truth lies. I help your mind get relief from it’s patterns and perceptions, and show it how to be the flow of all that there is, instead of functioning from the limits it has put in place as a result of separation. I see your past, present and futures and all versions of yourself you are willing to show me.  I use this gift to gently, directly, and effectively relay the information to your physical body/mind. This provides so much clarity, awareness of self, and what and how you create your life. This awareness brings about the change you are looking for to create a better quality of life. I am aware of so much more then the surface of what you present.  I want everyone to have the ability to experience the truest form of you that can exist in this life. It is my desire to pay it forward and help any of those searching for answers.

Join one of my small groups or call me for a one on one session to see if I can help.  I have no judgment on your life.  I have released judgment because I can see where we are all of one source and know it is the perceptions from our past that creates our current state that then perpetuates our future. I provide answers and solutions you can receive and hear from the source you are.  It is gentle and effective.  I often feel that the experiences I have gone through make it the very reason I am a good resource to draw on to find relief for yourself because I have experienced the same perceptions in my own life. I am living proof that life can be better, if you are open to your own truths, your willingness to become transparent, and in love with yourself, which allows you to open up and that is the first step to change.

I offer free confidential consultations, so if you want change and feel stuck, please reach out. 303-886-1455. Call or text me and we can see if we can create a shift in your perceptions.



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About Vicki

Vicki is an Intuitive Life Coach, powerful Medium with multi-dimensional Universal eyes, who has been practicing energy work for 20+ years. She uses her clairvoyant wisdom to see clearly the patterns, habits and beliefs that are causing distress in your life and supports your body and mind to make the shifts and releases required to bring transformation. Please call on Vicki to lovingly support your healing, and guide you to a life of clarity, abundance, joy and freedom. Join her in embracing yourself in a space beyond belief, full of a magic enveloping you into an awareness of multi-dimensional expansion.

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