Who knows you, really?

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What is the best thing about being you? Is it your looks? Your mental strengths? Your physical endurance? Your personality?

There is a saying that like attracts like. Or you attract an aspect of yourself through another person you are unwilling to be or have yourself. (I like to think it is you experiencing that part yourself from a safer distance.) What if, in doing this, you are attracting what Spiritual leaders call the Law Of Attraction? It can be the most magical and loving, or irritating and frustrating lingo to hear when you are attracting things in your life. Especially if they are in disharmony with the things you want or see for yourself but are not experiencing. This is the case when you find yourself saying, “My life is great except for this one thing” or “I cannot seem to figure out why or how to get…” Worse yet is the victim standpoint of “Why does it feel like the world is conspiring against me?” Your life may be going along just great but you have a trigger that knocks you out of your feelings of ease and contentment. This can be a person or a thing, like money, a relationship, loneliness, or illness.

How do you shift this? Do you have a person or experience come to mind when thinking about those who ‘out do’ you? First off – How can you compare or judge yourself on any level with another person? Sure, we can compare one or two aspects and come out ahead or sub par, but overall, we can never, with any accuracy, compare our ‘self’ to another person in complete totality because: 1) We are changing and becoming something new and unique in every moment of our life (and so are they).  2) Why, why focus on another’s journey when you have no idea what their bigger picture is.  3) You are comparing yourself to a snapshot in their timeline that is inaccurate to the totality of who, what, where and how they are here being them. And apply that same scenario to your own life. You are on a journey of experiences, emotions, perspective, change and choice.

Embrace your uniqueness, if you use others as a gauge, do it neutrally as an observer, not from a good, better, best standpoint, but instead as a celebration of life, your life. The dynamic of all of us interacting is what allows for such a colorful life here on Earth. We would all be robot like if we all conformed to one standard, however, we fight it generation after generation, we fight to be unique. And honestly, this world is not set up for equality of the masses. It has repeatedly shown us this through racial tensions, religious wars, racism, sexual discrimination, and economic classes. Why aren’t we embracing and respecting the differences within ourselves and others? Instead, we place or displace value on our self as we unrealistically compare and compete.

No one can be here and be you – except YOU, it is such a gift that you are here experiencing your life like no one else is. And even better, those of us who know you, get to see aspects the unique person you are.  We show each other what else is possible beyond what we choose ourselves. I hope this is sinking in as you read these words and know in your heart and mind, that there is nothing wrong or right with you. You ARE here being the energy that makes up you! And you chose this journey – see it as a bigger picture of what you really are – energy, a physical mass of energy constantly flexing, creating, destroying, regenerating everything around you – inside and out. You can not be anywhere or anyone different then where you are now -because if you could you would.  Life unfolds in ways bigger then we can understand in most moments. How many times have you looked back at your life, knowing now that the way things unfolded at the time were the very thing that brought you to NOW?  In this moment, you are right where you are meant to be, and this is leading you to the next moment that continues to unfold as your life. Celebrate this for the journey it is, the variety it brings, the roller coaster of emotions it allows that bring feelings and passions through your body, mind and spirit!


Today be the observer, notice yourself and others.  Let your mind grasp the reality that you are unique and different, and so is everyone else. Realize that there is no reason to compare and contrast from a judgement space, but instead observe the magnificence of everything and everyone around you.  Enjoy that we are all so different: from our mind chatter, our chosen perspective or outlook on life, our unique life experiences or journey, the choice of emotions we challenge ourselves to have to express our passion and self, to our unique physical features. Realize that all of those attributes are allowing us the ability to have a better relationship with ourselves. Why? Because if you were the only person on this Earth and never interacted with another human being, you would never really know or realize the amazing unique beautiful being you are here being.  You would simply just BE, so why not just BE now – celebrating even more – how it is – that you are like no other person out there in the totality that you are. Mind, body, and spirit. That is a lot of dynamic energy in play that needs no one else to exist because you are self contained and identical to no other. It is that play with others that allows you the realization that you are here realizing yourself. That is truly nothing short of spectacular!

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How my life created a hick-up that changed life’s course.


“We spend our whole lives creating, manifesting, and perceiving our experiences and outcomes. It was that reality and realization inside of me that took a stand of responsibility and said, “It benefits me greatly to change my perspective and relationship with myself, so I can experience life from a better place then the one where I don’t even have my own back…so why would anyone else.” Vicki – The Heart of Loving

How a hick-up created a yearning that would redirect my life:  I had outer body experiences for as long as I can remember, vivid recalls of how I would float above my body watching myself. Around age seven, I had a ‘near-death’ experience, from breathing the fumes from an exhaust leak.  I was sitting on the lap of Jesus in the presence of God energy.  The love and light there were so unconditional and profound I did not want to leave.  I begged and pleaded with them to let me stay. Obviously they “sent me back” reassuring me by showing me visions of my future and a sense that I would be fine, watched over, and protected. When I “came back” to this realm, I had awareness’s of gifts of seeing, hearing, and knowing beyond what the human senses can detect.  However, I was growing up in a very small town Christian environment, unaware of what it meant to be a psychic, medium, or a channel between dimensions, so I just referred to ‘it’ as voices in my head.

I had these gifts and all I could focus on was what I was missing, the Afterlife of Heaven, GodSpace, One Consciousness, where unconditional love, euphoria, and full awareness is all there is. I found myself feeling like my life was some sort of Hell on Earth because the emotions and perceptions were so different then my Afterlife experience. I blocked out knowing this gift of light and love was right inside of me, unlocked and aware. Instead, I took on the Christianity teachings that God is a person you reach out to, pray to, and are separate from. I spent my time waiting and wanting to die so I could ‘go back’ to a space where I now realize is inside of me.

It is interesting, in retrospect, to notice that while I was aware that God/Jesus Energy had me in complete and total love, my life still took on a self loathing aspect because of my failure to enjoy being a life. I was unable to bridge that euphoria to my reality.  I was overly sensitive to how people treated each other, I did not trust, I found it difficult to receive love because I noticed the conditions, expectations, and judgments love came with.  Because of my own judgments, expectations, and conditions, I was more closed off then those that tried to love me. Looking back, I see how I was living a double edged sword of a no win situation. I was bringing my light into darkness and engulfing myself in the aspects of separation and escape; disrespecting my body with bulimia, anorexia, binge eating and drinking, obsessive compulsive behaviors, addictions and best of all, not really allowing anyone to get close to me in an authentic deeply connected way and always making it the other persons fault when they noticed…ah the list goes on and on.

vector love yourselfWhat changed: ME. I changed my perceptions about myself and the world showed up differently. I started a love affair, of sorts with myself, as a way to love all aspects of me, this included a mind, body, and spirit dialog. What does this mean? I listened honestly to my body and my mind self talk. This allowed me to recognize, acknowledge, change, and release core patterns and beliefs that existed in my body and mind. This awareness was important because I realized I was creating my reality and I wanted and needed to change my repeating patterns of self destruction. As this journey of unravels itself, I am given so many amazing gifts in my opening up to myself. Interestingly, as I opened up my ability to receive and see all possibilities that I am, I have been reveling in a life of non stop gifts of awareness, amazing relationships, experiences that come into my life that are thought to be impossible. I believe in magic again and invite it into my every day experiences! It is such an easier place to live in. All of that expansiveness is the awareness that I am that One Consciousness experiencing aspects of itself through me, and that in turn is my choice on how that reflects itself out into my reality. I have embraced all I know myself to be which is back to the knowing, the psychic, the medium, the channel between dimensions, the inter dimensional me free of limited beliefs where I see all aspects of every one including myself.

So! What can I do for you?  I see and communicate to you the belief system your mind and body runs. I see a purer form of you that does not live in separation, where your truth lies. I help your mind get relief from it’s patterns and perceptions, and show it how to be the flow of all that there is, instead of functioning from the limits it has put in place as a result of separation. I see your past, present and futures and all versions of yourself you are willing to show me.  I use this gift to gently, directly, and effectively relay the information to your physical body/mind. This provides so much clarity, awareness of self, and what and how you create your life. This awareness brings about the change you are looking for to create a better quality of life. I am aware of so much more then the surface of what you present.  I want everyone to have the ability to experience the truest form of you that can exist in this life. It is my desire to pay it forward and help any of those searching for answers.

Join one of my small groups or call me for a one on one session to see if I can help.  I have no judgment on your life.  I have released judgment because I can see where we are all of one source and know it is the perceptions from our past that creates our current state that then perpetuates our future. I provide answers and solutions you can receive and hear from the source you are.  It is gentle and effective.  I often feel that the experiences I have gone through make it the very reason I am a good resource to draw on to find relief for yourself because I have experienced the same perceptions in my own life. I am living proof that life can be better, if you are open to your own truths, your willingness to become transparent, and in love with yourself, which allows you to open up and that is the first step to change.

I offer free confidential consultations, so if you want change and feel stuck, please reach out. 303-886-1455. Call or text me and we can see if we can create a shift in your perceptions.



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You, me, and the elephant in the room.

What are your core beliefs and where did they come from?  Most of us have our core beliefs hanging in our space like an elephant in the room everyone is looking at but no one is talking about. So lets talk about it, and give the elephant the attention it deserves, because it sure is taking up space that could be used for a lot of other things! And who doesn’t love a good elephant story!

By request, I have two versions of this blog post.  There is an abridged and an unabridged version.  I have the unabridged version at the end for those that want to complete the exercises for a bigger expansion into your awareness. 

My awareness10474614_m has really been expanding in profound ways recently.  As a result, those connected to me benefit from their own expansion because we are all tied together in a perfect harmonic unison of energy and shared vibration. This new alignment really resonates with the truth of all I am, and by sharing this, you enjoy a self discovery of your own truths of who you are. Together, we can enjoy the unfolding process of ourselves, as the layers melt away and reveal a core that just feels right. As you read and feel into a new reality for yourself, releasing old beliefs and creating a new paradigm, feel into a reality outside any limited beliefs you are perceiving these words through. 

Our chat today involves the elephant in the room called “Our Beliefs”. They live in our bodies and mind and create our reality. We all have them. We are all acutely aware of other peoples beliefs based on their convictions, conversations, stories and repeating patterns. 

Here is some food for thought to feed your hungry-for-knowledge elephant of beliefs. How is it that we can have so many different beliefs world wide, when we are all the same species? Do the plant and animal world all have their own set of diverse beliefs based on species specification too? Not likely, because they do not live in separation, so they do not need to create beliefs that originate from the mind on what the purpose of their existence is. Then put meaning to it by telling stories and living with a skewed perception of reality.

vector inner conflict

Your beliefs stem from your childhood and observing the relationship your parents had with you and their environment? Why do you have the beliefs you have? Is it environmental? A religious belief? A position of status belief? Is it a heritage or cultural belief? Is it generational? Did it come from your parents? (Who most likely repeated family generational beliefs of behavior and emotional content or chose to go to the opposite extreme.)

Beliefs are just judgments, expectations of behavior, and the criticism or approval of how other people chose to live in comparison to you. The phrase all people are created equal is the biggest elephant in our room of beliefs.  

We live in a constant state of separation, that is reinforced everywhere we look.  My point is that it causes a separation within our self, while in reality, we are that very thing we are taught to separate from, and then spend the majority of our lives looking for the fulfillment of it outside of ourselves.  Humanity, time, religion, beliefs, judgment, conditions, expectations, created a perceived separation that many of us fell into and we created an auto pilot of sorts, where the mind and body create our reality.  Our beliefs are taught to the mind from external sources. It makes perfect sense to our mind, that our answers to bridging that disconnect our mind and body now experience, would also come from external sources.

Don’t get me wrong, we all experience a lot of great amazing things, being our life. We are the source of creation itself, always creating, never in a state of stillness. What is clear, is that much of our reality is definitely being created by our own sense of self, and the core of our belief system shows up time and time again to validate our beliefs.

The underlying16502587_m theme I see visually and energetically is that the world is full of choice. We can fall into the choice of limiting beliefs or we can release the idea of beliefs within our selves and be the flow of consciousness experiencing itself as I Am, in presence.


Really notice the choices people make for themselves based on beliefs and know you are doing the exact same thing. (That acknowledgement is awareness, and awareness is the catalyst to change.)  By doing this, you free the mind to play in a bigger arena outside of it’s beliefs. Now expand that to the world and how we all play so many different roles of possibilities.  Is everyone wrong but you? Is everyone right but you?  Can you see that neither question is yes or no, but the principle is pretty overwhelming?

Can you see the elephant in the room?

Beliefs are everywhere and they are all based on choice and exposure, and that choice is based on the mind creating a belief based on it’s perception of it’s realities. Those realities were most likely instilled by your parents or caregivers, repeating patterns generation after generation of beliefs of how to behave, both toward the external world (you and others) and internally (self love). We picked up and stored all of this information subliminally, physically, environmentally. We were building a reference point on emotional energies before even knowing what the words associated with it were.  It is now imprinted in our mind as behavioral and emotional exposure to a raw mind with no reference point of right or wrong, good or bad.

I made a shift, realizing that “I just Am”,  and I was the only one limiting myself. Me alone. I had allowed myself to fall into the auto pilot of humanity that lives in the belief of separation, and I lived there under judgement, expectation, limitations, and conditions put upon me by others and myself.

We all get stuck in our stories of who we believe ourselves to be. And in reality, your mind was created by your environment because it was a blank slate when you came into the world. Your mind is nothing but patterns based on perceptions of how it logged information about your experiences. The other aspect of you is your body. Your body slows the vibrational energies and runs it in the body to experience emotions which often become trapped due to the emotional high or low that occurred in the emotional content your mind processed. The body and mind now have created a trigger and a belief around the experience.  Releasing beliefs and triggers will shift this energy so you can radiate into the world differently, attracting a new reality that is more playful and loving. 

19115727_mI hope you found this article useful enough to share. Please sign up on my email list for a free meditation.  I do not send much out, but do have some useful packages available and material in the works and would love to share these articles and more with you. Call me at 303-886-1455, if you would like to set up a personal or group appointment via of Skype or In Person. I am located in Denver Colorado and offer first time clients a free 30 min session.




The Unabridged version expanded to include exercises and insight:

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Do you love a good love story?


Do you find yourself wanting a more loving and satisfying relationship? What if that great love story starts within? What if it cannot help but spill out into all aspects of your life as a result of your energetic vibration which you now exist in? What if all possibilities exist and could fall into the one that creates a good love story?

We all love a good love story.  We love seeing couples experiencing love. Did you ever notice the bubble they are in and how the outside world doesn’t exist? They are in a bubble of seeing the perfection of everything and everyone. This focal point of being in bliss over the way you feel when you are around another person. Notice the difference in what I am saying versus what you may be hearing.  It isn’t the way the other person makes you feel, that is a small part of it, it is the way you feel when you are around that person that keeps you coming back.  This happens for several reason, chemical endorphin dumps, dopamine releases, forgotten feelings of past emotions that are triggered, being in presence because there is no negative space in the relationship, and all the futures you imagine are perceived positive and in happy endings.

This is quite a picture of romance! How many of you thought to yourself, I want that or that never lasts or I have given up on that ever happening for me?! For a few, it is your daily experience because you are (in)love. What if the reason it doesn’t last or you do not have it is because you start to merge your core mind/body beliefs about yourself and life into this pristine space. Your perceptions about yourself and the world end up shifting this pristine place. Your projections, as a result of your perception, cause the other person to appear as though they are changing into those people of your past that hurt you (or built you up) and now they are just like every one else. The self sabotage. One of the hardest things to get people to hear is that they create their reality based on their perceptions, perceptions about themselves, their past, and other people. 

By creating a life where you are in alignment and free from any separation with the mind/body/spirit energies, you will avoid having the mind acting solely on your behalf. Your body is the vehicle for emotions to be experienced, because it runs energies at a slower density, it is able to hold emotions longer then the spirit on its own. Your mind can only recreate emotional states that are your reality based off your past experiences. It is the time keeper, think of the saying “Remember that time when we…” or “I remember when…” It is impossible to recreate an exact memory and the feeling that occurred using the mind or body.  We only remember what it felt like because the body and mind cannot recreate actual events that have already occurred. So the next best thing it can do is to recreate, to the best of its memory, new similar experiences.

33698723_mLet me set up a scenario and see if you can fall into this with every bit of your knowing- A good love story starts within- the knowing deep down that you are everything because you come from a place of One Consciousness, of GodSpace, who’s energy is everything. It is completely neutral until you transform it – to experience an emotion or feeling you are wanting to have. It is your perception of your reality and how you define yourself that allows the energies to transform themselves into how you see or perceive it. This energy is you, in your higher self/GodSpace, and melds into your body and mind level and creates the unique experience that is you. This creation sees no separation between its mind/body/spirit because it’s energies are never in separation. You are a mind/body/spirit energy transformed from the purest form of energy so that GodSpace itself, the One Conscious, can experience an aspect of itself through you.

One of the hardest things we do to ourselves is believe in the separation from source.  (And really, a good love story starts to go bad when separation is created.) A lot of us connect to that space in meditation, books, quiet time, journal writing, religion, spirituality, and other escapes. When the event is over you go back to a belief of that separation existing.  You lose your full potential of who you are and what you able to create when you do it from the space of separation from GodSpace energy, what’s left are the mind/body energies.  Imagine creating a reality based on one aspect of your self missing from the equation, getting around the world with only part of yourself present and actively participating.  It places an unrealistic burden on the rest of you, doesn’t it?  That aspect of you is always doing the best it can to get you where you want to go. But here is what happens:

  • You end up with a skewed version of reality and more importantly, yourself.
  • It takes you longer.
  • You have opportunity to blame others, believing that they get in your way or hinder your progress.
  • You miss the whole big picture and fall into a story that is created in your inability to move to your fullest capabilities due to you using only a part of yourself.  
  • You give up and start to think the world is against you. (However, the Universe is neutral and only brings you energy, you process that into your belief.)
  • You stop being in presence and start processing your life based on the past and a future that cannot find you.

That is what a lot of us are doing with or to our bodies and our minds, our relationships to love, money, success, health, self, etc.  We live in a world of choice, free will, and we have been led to believe that separation occurred the moment we took on a human form. But what we are believing is perceived separation, because we are never separate. Why would we do this? Think of the game telephone, and how over time we have repeatedly reinterpreted straight forward meaning to mean something other then the intent was.   We still have choice and free will, but are every part of the wholeness we exist in, in our mind/body/spirit energy.  We are always in a state of movement and motion and creating. This very state in itself mimics those energies we are created from, because they are all one in the same at the core.

So how do you reconcile with yourself to create that love story from within? First off, honestly answer these questions:

  • Do you believe any part of you is not GodSpace at all times? The parts of you that you see as good, bad, lost, confused, shamed, ego oriented, angry, drunk, drugged, jealous, and any other titles you can think of.  
  • Do you think a good love story should have dependency, co dependency, expectations, conditions, judgement, and criticism?
  • Do you think it is another persons responsibility to come along side you and make you whole and complete?  If so, how long do you have this unrealistic expectation? Until your body dies? Until their body dies? Until they do it wrong then you move on?
  • Do you think people have to change, including yourself, to be around different people? That is role playing.  Is it necessary to role play and if you do, is it satisfying or is it filled with expectation, conditions, judgement and criticism?
  • When was the last time you felt content just being with yourself?  Did it last, or was it momentary, or within an experience?
  • Do you celebrate life in a way that allows the energies to create a reality that reflects how you feel emotionally about yourself?  (You are creating the experiences of your life, whether you see it as a celebration or not. It is a very accurate gauge.)

We want to believe that we create the good stuff with our intention, prayers, manifestations, and the bad stuff happens to us because of others, or we are not doing it right, or we have fallen victim to fate or karma.  This is partially true.  We create all of it based on our core beliefs in our mind and body, which when separated from your spirit, creates a dynamic where you have broken the divine bond of you being whole and one with GodSpace energy. Now your body and mind are frantic on finding the rest of itself it knew it to be when you came into the world, whole, complete and perfect. So it searches outward…it must be missing, it must be someone took it, it must be….out there….somewhere….

15137025_mIt reminds me of Dorthy and the Wizard of Oz. Must be the wizard has it! Let’s go find the wizard, our next relationship, the next escape, the next therapist, the next group of friends, the next spiritual book or teacher…Again, in doing this, we are validating the separation we perceive in our belief as a society of humanity. Can you see how you are now going to look outside of yourself to create a connection and a belief that others can fill that gap that is within us?  So to compensate for your perceived separation, you now you have your mind stepping into a role it was not created for and creating all of your emotions and transferring it to your body to experience. And it is doing the best that it can in it’s separation with the spirit by creating itself into the only thing it is familiar with, your past.  Your mind is here as a reference point slowing down the energies of experience, so that the emotion you wish to have is stored within you, it also creates time- a chronological past and a perceived future. It does this very well, but as we multitask it into creating, it creates an insanity that we then wish to steer away from. Now you have created a loop. Can you see how it can only create and recreate it’s perceptions and that the majority are of some distorted version of your past, the people in it’s memory of your past, the experiences it never got over, the joy it had in an experience or relationship? A loop that may look different, because it is ever moving and never still, so the external dynamics will shift, but the overall underlying theme will be the same or similar. Everything you do will fit into some version of a past event you already had. Worse yet, you will turn everyone you know into some version of someone from your past. No one will be perceived as what they are, because your perception of people only relate to people you already know that formed who you are today…and the cycle continues…and continues…

22368724_mHere is a really cool knowing, you are NEVER separated from your spirit and GodSpace.  It is the one giving you the neutral energies and experiences. If your answers to the above questions resulted in agreeing to the unrealistic expectations you place on others because you are trying to bridge that gap of separation within yourself, you can change that by changing the relationship you have within your own body/mind/spirit. The list above is you living to find that fulfillment in others and having them fall short because it is your separation that creates the need and desire to find fulfillment in others. We are taught so early in our beautiful lives about separation.  Now, as adults, it has become mainstream thinking, but you can change this and see a whole new world unfold itself as you complete yourself by merging into one awareness with one aspect of yourself as a mind/body/spirit. Creating the uniqueness of you with no separation, in a state of being that is choice of whatever it wants to experience, in the freedom of the neutral energy it is, as emotional wholeness.

So sit with that and unfold your deepest knowing into that which you really are, just for a second or moment, remembering that thought that brought you into being, in the wholeness of one mind/body/spirit energy.  Seeing that the energy of you, as you, and one with the GodSpace energy. You are that energy of GodSpace creating and allocating it’s own energies into the form you are, so that it can experience its self outside of insanity. It is being ever present and everything in all it is, as a constant flux of everything in every given moment, imagine what a tumultuous experience that is, that is why I reference it as insanity. So it creates us, as well as other forms, with it’s own energies, and experiences within itself contrast and form and density. It goes to that saying we love to refer to: You are made in the image of God or God’s image, (another one of those telephone game miscues).  Think about that and the real truth of it, it is not the physical form of God, but the energy form of God, it is God, not an image but the actual energies of God. Constant movement and in a state of flux at all times, every choice is new, every moment is new, in every second you are new and constantly recreating yourself.  You are the sanity of itself within itself.  You are that energy, it is why it is so familiar. Find your own truth in that, we all come here with our own awareness within that awareness of what we are. As you close your gap of knowingness, your truths will come in and you will experience life as never before. You will be in love with everything, most importantly, yourself.  This creates a ripe environment for your Universe to create even more love by using the energies of love to come through others.

Contact me if you feel stuck or unable to move past your mind/body connection and into the wholeness of the mind/body/spirit connection.  I love this work and am always wanting to come along side of those looking for deeper connection and wanting more of themselves. Call or text me at 303-886-1455.


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Are you ready for that promotion?

Are you a leader or a follower of your life?

Being a leader shows up as presence. Being a follower shows up when you (re)live the past and project that into your present and future. Living in the past and future is a direct result of remaining stuck in patterns and behaviors that have a predictable outcome. It is your (un)comfort(able) zone or auto pilot. It’s origins started the moment you were born. It was created when your parents, guardians, and peers, projected onto you their emotions, values, and ideals, and you altered your state of being and acceptance of yourself to: cope, fit in, feel loved, get attention, be seen, be invisible… You cannot help at that age but to absorb the energies and adjust your feelings to cope or excel with your life. As a child, you are quite limited to your choices or environment. You are raised to be a follower, led by others emotional states, desires, and will.

Take a moment to think about what that looked like for you.iStock_000008703056_Small

See and acknowledge how your ‘auto-pilot’ was formed to be a leader, follower or both. Your mind consistently draws on experiences from the past, many of those memories are a result of shifting who you were, in order to be seen, or to hide from those around you. You have now created a pattern of behavior. The issue is that those memories are formed at a time when your brain/mind was still in a very primitive state. Your spirit was in your body being presence of pure love, innocence, trust, and gratitude for life in a body.

Stop here and think about that for a minute or two.

Your mind started forming behavior and outcome patterns from the primitive mind – letting go of presence and projecting itself into your behavior, creating patterns, and judgments on itself and others, based on the joy or pain that was projected onto you. WOW! That will make an impact on your life! So acknowledge that and have gratitude that you are YOU. You have melded into a combination of your spiritual truths and those that were put upon you from birth.

Now for the best part! It gave you definition but does not define you. You are an amazing individual. You have so many things working for you. The biggest is that you are always changing. You can never stay in the same place, even if you repeat the same patterns. Lets break those things down now in some easy steps you can think to do when you have choices to make and want to pick a new ‘auto-pilot’.

Digital Illustration of a Fractal

First, really acknowledge your abilities as a spirit – with a body. Your spirit knows the infinite possibilities that you truly are because it is you and you are it. You have contained yourself in a body of limited beliefs long enough. Set your intention now to be a point of light within yourself. Draw on a higher version of yourself. Close your eyes and really feel the space within you and set the intention to release everything in you that was ever put there by you or others as a means to be a follower in this life. Things like guilt, judgement, shame, arrogance, fear, aggression, sadness, victim, and any other words that come to you as you sit in quiet. These words formed you in alignment to the teachings of your environment. However, so did other feeling words, leader words – love, trust, peace, harmony, gratitude, and other words that stimulate the spirit into light and love, growth and expansion. We are everything, it is how we recognize all aspects of the emotional scale. So what can we do with this information?

iStock_000026684209_SmallThe Model of a Follower: We often find ourselves in roles that we create and co-create with others. This acts as a means to have experiences that create an emotional experience based on a past.  The issue in creating from this space is that we do not take responsibility for creating that experience in our adult life. We miss the transition of when it created us as a result of our childhood experiences, to when it became who we believe ourselves to be, to when we left those influences only to create the same environment around us. This is where we can shift into a new reality, once we are willing to be responsible for our knowing we create everything. Can you see repeating patterns of feelings that you continue to experience in your relationships? Isn’t it odd how we are able to attract the same people into our lives and interestingly, how we are able to turn intimate relationships into the same functioning or dysfunctional relationships of our past? This is the mind telling the body to react as it distorts it’s reality to the only known it has any familiarity with – the past. That realization in itself should be huge in creating awareness, and awareness is the first step to change.

Here are some exercises to shift you into being a Leader:
Your only purpose in this life is to love yourself, all of yourself, especially the parts you avoid being, the parts triggered by another persons behavior. Those are the lost parts of you that are not in harmony with your heart space of love. Those parts of you that were not loved by others, denied a voice, denied feeling what it felt, and as a result, conditioned your mind to believe that those parts of you should also be denied your own core source of unconditional love. Being a leader of your life involves looking into these areas with an open heart and an open mind. A leader looks for weaknesses within it’s life and embraces the challenges of bringing complete harmony into all aspects of itself, this is mind, body, and spirit harmony.

Are you willing to give yourself a promotion and be a leader now, an Entrepreneur of the most important position you will ever hold in life? If so, look at your triggers. These often show up as life patterns that change the course of a harmonic balance you have created by avoiding your triggers. Have an honest conversation with yourself. Do not deny your patterns, be honest with yourself, and take responsibility to creating the change in your life. People often fear change, but that is the mind’s fear that reacts the body, the two cannot help but separate from the heart’s knowing because it is what has been taught since birth. Remember! They have both been trained to follow authority since birth and not to trust, but to separate from the all knowing intuitive heart space.  Trusting this space will prove to be a very healthy fearless venture in growth and expansion.  There is no fear in alignment of mind, body, spirit.  It instead creates an excitement for life and all that it has to offer. Read that statement again and feel into it.  There should be a sense of knowing and ease. Breath it in and let it breath into you.

Triggers create drama or discord. It can look like blame, victim, shame, anger, or guilt. When you are a leader of your life, you embrace those triggers as a means to delve deeper into knowing who you are. Triggers happen when you project past experiences, where you gave up your power to someone else, and project it onto a new experience in your present life. Unfortunately, your mind uses your past experiences to distort current realities because as a follower, it can only recreate what it believes itself to be. So you end up projecting onto others a behavior that causes a reaction in the other person that validates that part of you that was denied in the past, is denied in the present, and will continue to be denied in the future if you don’t take on the role of a leader, to reflect your responsibility in this continued action-reactionary state of living. Bring your awareness now to the fact that these occurrences are happening to you, which means you are creating them. Remember that you are capable of feeling everything, however, you also are your experiences. You can view the triggers as trauma or embrace them as a means to look deeper into yourself. You have two choices here. You can easily place blame on the current experience and tell the story of how the other person is causing your trigger to escalate into discord. Or you can take responsibility that you are causing your own discord over distorting and creating a reality into an unresolved trigger.

Realize that the past is stored in the mind and body. The spirit is free of trauma and labels. It cannot judge or compare or grasp expectations, instead is freedom and surrender to flow.  What a free place to experience life, right! Can you imagine feeling the freedom from trapped feelings and transition instead into a clean state of living? How about releasing into a flow of surrender and freedom? Will you be the change around you, seeing the world through the hearts eye, instead of the mind’s eye or the bodies entrapment of the minds view of reality. The real reality is that you have everything because you are everything, those things happening around you are only an added bonus to experiencing the truth about how you see yourself.

Resolving mind and body hurts entails facing the emotions entrapped in them. Your unconscious heart brings any disharmony into physical presence through your consciousness. Your mind makes sense out of it, which it can only do through drawing on your past experiences, which are distortions to your reality. How do you know this? Because everyone experiences and lives a unique reality that is unlike any one else’s. Understand the reality of that by looking at everyone you know. Do you see anyone living exact lives? NO, it is impossible to mimic exactly the mind’s interpretations of experiences.  Feel the impact of that and realize your reality’s are not anyone else’s.  Now realize that this creates interesting interactions doesn’t it, but that is another article for another time…

Man created out of stardust

You/we are all beings created by God, the one consciousness is always connected to us. It sends all the tools and emotions inside our hearts that create and connect to the true unconditional love that we all are in our state of truth. It is when we believe in conditional love of the mind that we create the limitations and separation of our true hearts desire, to walk this Earth dimension in harmony, love, and gratitude. We are given free will to chose what it is that we desire to experience and that is beautiful beyond measure. Realize now in your consciousness, and be aware that your unconscious, is always conspiring to bring you into a leadership role by realizing you are the only one that knows you, knows the workings of your mind, the intimacy of your body. How can anyone ‘fix’ you when there is nothing wrong with you.  You are perfect perfection in the make up of who you are, unique with all your answers right inside of you.  Your mind, body, spirit makeup holds all the keys to harmony.

Contact me if you are still struggling with the concept of you.  It is an incredible life to find balance and release the struggle between the mind, body, and spirit. I connect your conscious and unconscious by channeling your true identity that comes from your God space in the One Consciousness.  We are all so big and vibrant and full of light, love, and possibilities! The world would be that much more amazing if we all realized and lived from our harmonic state.

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Upcoming Class: Three Pillars to Controlling your Destiny

I am so excited to announce my collaboration with Tara Lee Ayotte where we will be working together to bring more awareness to The Three Pillars to Controlling your Destiny Come check out our class! September 18, 2015

You will leave with the tools and understanding of how to control your life’s destiny.


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Open yourself up to the beautiful world you are.

What do you feel stands in your way of being really happy and content with your life?  People often refer to outside factors, things like:  my life circumstances, job, relationship(s), money, or a big one is an experience that occurred during your life that is now has you living in fear, regret, shame, remorse, or loss. A past that hangs on and never heals, because the feelings your heart felt when it happened are so strong that you felt you would never truly get over it.  It became your story.  As a result, you devalued yourself and undermined your sense of self worth. “How could this happen to me! It is my/their fault. I will never get over this grief/betrayal/anger/loss.”  “I have so much anger/grief/betrayal over this experience, I will never let another person get close enough to me!”

Interestingly enough, these experiences almost always involve another person.  You have now set into motion a belief that things happen to you by others and you now have to protect yourself from the outside world. You are now careful who you ‘let in’.

When you relive the past in a repeated pattern of how things/people show up for you, you are really just existing in a shell of who you really are. When this happens your life is really about a distorted .perspective – Do I:

  • engage or retreat, fight or flight, live or die, laugh or cry, defend or give in, selfless or selfish, love or hate, passive or aggressive, content or discontent, gluttony/indulge or sacrifice.

The list is endless, and quite fun to play with. The point being, we now choose to see the world as a good vs bad. But what if you let go of all meaning and story and definition of words.


Life is only the place you can (in)validate the feelings you have for yourself. This is really hard for people to digest, you want to be the exception to this rule.  You have a ‘Yes, but’ clause that exempts you from being the change in your life. Your job, boss, significant other is the cause, or there is not enough time, money, or validation, or no one shows up for you.

But what if you only notice the people or circumstances that don’t show up and forgo or take for granted the ones that are. What if the answers to the shift are showing up but because your focus is on what you don’t have or are lacking, you never open yourself up to receive the healing gifts that are right in front of you.

We very often cannot see what is in front of our very eyes.  It reminds me of when I am reaching for something and poke myself in the face with the object that was in between my face and what I was focused on.  How did I not see that? It often makes me angry because it hurt and then I laugh because I should have seen it since it was there all along.  I lived my life for a long time with very limited sight.  In my peripheral were all the things everyone else had that I yearned for. My reality was as distorted as my vision when poking myself in the face.

I reflect backward on the amazing experiences I have had and in my limited sight, my experiences reflected my own self value that I put into place when I listened to, reacted to, and believed the truth of others over my own knowingness.  So for me, most of my experiences were chosen that brought the most pain and hurt, rejection and need for my own self preservation, but I also see now the amazing gifts of people and opportunities I shunned and walked away from due to my own self worth. I call it my healthy choices, the ones that would make my life easier, more fun and playful and genuine… I wasn’t ready for that.  I wanted to bury myself in validation that I wasn’t good enough for anyone. Because my reality was that I wasn’t good enough for myself. Friends came and went, relationships waned, and still they kept coming, testing me to see if I was ready to see myself without my past.

My walls finally came down and WOW! Huh?!? This was all really my own doing.  I was choosing the destructive self and blaming others who like me, believed that others cause the pain, and because I couldn’t find the strength to surrender, I had to fight to keep my past in place, to justify my drama, my pain.  When I surrendered and let the walls fall, I cried for myself and for humanity.  The pain we suffer holding into place our experiences is more then most of us can bare.  But surrendering to life and seeing it from a new view of freedom is beyond extraordinary. There is a freedom in who I am now.  A peace and surrender to living and loving life, my life.  Words have new definition, a playful and curious meaning, not the heavy meaning that we have surrounded them with generation after generation of story and definition and constriction.

I see the grief of the world and the way we hang onto the immense depth of who we hide ourselves to be.  We have lived so long in so many generations constricting the true open expansiveness of who we are, instead we teach generation after generation a life of limited and conditional love, conditional compassion, limits on freedom, and that surrender is a form of losing and giving up.  We have forgotten that this life is not a story based on our experiences but a deeper more expansive expression of self.

So where does that leave us?

  • Can you let go of all that you learned, all the beliefs that the world has ingrained in us that says we have to hide and limit and be less then for the benefit of ourselves and/or others?
  • Can you find yourself in all the denial of who you are and who you think yourself to be based on all your life experiences?
  • Can you laugh at the times you denied the easy road so you could perpetuate yourself into a place of having less, less love, money, connection, choice?
  • Can you unfold and open up to your true self and expose yourself to the world as love and freedom and surrender?
  • Can you see the beauty in everything you experience as a means to bring you closer to the truth – that you can spend your life being your own worst enemy or you can open yourself up to being your biggest Ally.

There is a beauty in that beyond what any words can hold on this page.

Contact me if you would like to look into this more and experience the wonder of who you are through my Life Coaching.  I am holding a class in Denver on May 31 at 10-noon.  I can also be reached by phone or Skype for one on one sessions. 303-886-1455


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Your world a symptom of you.

IMG_2909What does this mean? Our world as individuals (and as a collective) is a symptom of our internal dialog. You are always actively creating your outcome, but many have put this feature on auto pilot. These learned survival mechanisms are put in place as children when we seek love and approval from the adults influencing us. We show up, as adults, in a way that validates our core inner beliefs. Both positive and negative emotions and behaviors become ingrained as a result of the different influences we experienced.

Life is a flow of what you believe yourself to be. You are always creating a flow. Both from a positive and/or negative aspect. Today, practice flowing a positive self image, be diligent in focusing on that self talk every time an experience happens to you. Are you using words of gratitude and love around the experience? Or are you validating a negative pattern of how the world doesn’t show up for you? At the end of the day, ask yourself how many times your day catapulted on itself in either a positive or negative way. Again, this is a symptom of your inner dialog. Spend the next day and the next focusing on shifting and correcting yourself when you are thinking negative statements, about yourself, others, or situations. Continue reading

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My Heart’s Experience in Costa Rica

I just finished an email to a dear friend I met in October, we met at a conference held by RikkaZimmerman and her Adventures in Oneness team. We both went to Costa Rica, or Costa Rikka as I call it, with 70+ beautiful souls and reconnected there. It was the kickoff to a year long training program to release our blocks and open our heart space to be even more successful coaches and facilitators.

I stated in an earlier blog that it was hard to put into words my experience, but after writing him, I discovered I did in fact have the perfect words describing my experience:

What an experience Costa Rica was! I still tear up thinking of how incredible it was and how it changed my life. WOW, the experiences, the new-found incredibly beautiful friendships I formed, and all the people who held me in a space of love that entire trip still overwhelms me. When I think about it, my heart swells and tears form in my eyes. Memories of you and all the other loving souls will forever touch my heart.

Continue reading

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