Are you ready for that promotion?

Are you a leader or a follower of your life?

Being a leader shows up as presence. Being a follower shows up when you (re)live the past and project that into your present and future. Living in the past and future is a direct result of remaining stuck in patterns and behaviors that have a predictable outcome. It is your (un)comfort(able) zone or auto pilot. It’s origins started the moment you were born. It was created when your parents, guardians, and peers, projected onto you their emotions, values, and ideals, and you altered your state of being and acceptance of yourself to: cope, fit in, feel loved, get attention, be seen, be invisible… You cannot help at that age but to absorb the energies and adjust your feelings to cope or excel with your life. As a child, you are quite limited to your choices or environment. You are raised to be a follower, led by others emotional states, desires, and will.

Take a moment to think about what that looked like for you.iStock_000008703056_Small

See and acknowledge how your ‘auto-pilot’ was formed to be a leader, follower or both. Your mind consistently draws on experiences from the past, many of those memories are a result of shifting who you were, in order to be seen, or to hide from those around you. You have now created a pattern of behavior. The issue is that those memories are formed at a time when your brain/mind was still in a very primitive state. Your spirit was in your body being presence of pure love, innocence, trust, and gratitude for life in a body.

Stop here and think about that for a minute or two.

Your mind started forming behavior and outcome patterns from the primitive mind – letting go of presence and projecting itself into your behavior, creating patterns, and judgments on itself and others, based on the joy or pain that was projected onto you. WOW! That will make an impact on your life! So acknowledge that and have gratitude that you are YOU. You have melded into a combination of your spiritual truths and those that were put upon you from birth.

Now for the best part! It gave you definition but does not define you. You are an amazing individual. You have so many things working for you. The biggest is that you are always changing. You can never stay in the same place, even if you repeat the same patterns. Lets break those things down now in some easy steps you can think to do when you have choices to make and want to pick a new ‘auto-pilot’.

Digital Illustration of a Fractal

First, really acknowledge your abilities as a spirit – with a body. Your spirit knows the infinite possibilities that you truly are because it is you and you are it. You have contained yourself in a body of limited beliefs long enough. Set your intention now to be a point of light within yourself. Draw on a higher version of yourself. Close your eyes and really feel the space within you and set the intention to release everything in you that was ever put there by you or others as a means to be a follower in this life. Things like guilt, judgement, shame, arrogance, fear, aggression, sadness, victim, and any other words that come to you as you sit in quiet. These words formed you in alignment to the teachings of your environment. However, so did other feeling words, leader words – love, trust, peace, harmony, gratitude, and other words that stimulate the spirit into light and love, growth and expansion. We are everything, it is how we recognize all aspects of the emotional scale. So what can we do with this information?

iStock_000026684209_SmallThe Model of a Follower: We often find ourselves in roles that we create and co-create with others. This acts as a means to have experiences that create an emotional experience based on a past.  The issue in creating from this space is that we do not take responsibility for creating that experience in our adult life. We miss the transition of when it created us as a result of our childhood experiences, to when it became who we believe ourselves to be, to when we left those influences only to create the same environment around us. This is where we can shift into a new reality, once we are willing to be responsible for our knowing we create everything. Can you see repeating patterns of feelings that you continue to experience in your relationships? Isn’t it odd how we are able to attract the same people into our lives and interestingly, how we are able to turn intimate relationships into the same functioning or dysfunctional relationships of our past? This is the mind telling the body to react as it distorts it’s reality to the only known it has any familiarity with – the past. That realization in itself should be huge in creating awareness, and awareness is the first step to change.

Here are some exercises to shift you into being a Leader:
Your only purpose in this life is to love yourself, all of yourself, especially the parts you avoid being, the parts triggered by another persons behavior. Those are the lost parts of you that are not in harmony with your heart space of love. Those parts of you that were not loved by others, denied a voice, denied feeling what it felt, and as a result, conditioned your mind to believe that those parts of you should also be denied your own core source of unconditional love. Being a leader of your life involves looking into these areas with an open heart and an open mind. A leader looks for weaknesses within it’s life and embraces the challenges of bringing complete harmony into all aspects of itself, this is mind, body, and spirit harmony.

Are you willing to give yourself a promotion and be a leader now, an Entrepreneur of the most important position you will ever hold in life? If so, look at your triggers. These often show up as life patterns that change the course of a harmonic balance you have created by avoiding your triggers. Have an honest conversation with yourself. Do not deny your patterns, be honest with yourself, and take responsibility to creating the change in your life. People often fear change, but that is the mind’s fear that reacts the body, the two cannot help but separate from the heart’s knowing because it is what has been taught since birth. Remember! They have both been trained to follow authority since birth and not to trust, but to separate from the all knowing intuitive heart space.  Trusting this space will prove to be a very healthy fearless venture in growth and expansion.  There is no fear in alignment of mind, body, spirit.  It instead creates an excitement for life and all that it has to offer. Read that statement again and feel into it.  There should be a sense of knowing and ease. Breath it in and let it breath into you.

Triggers create drama or discord. It can look like blame, victim, shame, anger, or guilt. When you are a leader of your life, you embrace those triggers as a means to delve deeper into knowing who you are. Triggers happen when you project past experiences, where you gave up your power to someone else, and project it onto a new experience in your present life. Unfortunately, your mind uses your past experiences to distort current realities because as a follower, it can only recreate what it believes itself to be. So you end up projecting onto others a behavior that causes a reaction in the other person that validates that part of you that was denied in the past, is denied in the present, and will continue to be denied in the future if you don’t take on the role of a leader, to reflect your responsibility in this continued action-reactionary state of living. Bring your awareness now to the fact that these occurrences are happening to you, which means you are creating them. Remember that you are capable of feeling everything, however, you also are your experiences. You can view the triggers as trauma or embrace them as a means to look deeper into yourself. You have two choices here. You can easily place blame on the current experience and tell the story of how the other person is causing your trigger to escalate into discord. Or you can take responsibility that you are causing your own discord over distorting and creating a reality into an unresolved trigger.

Realize that the past is stored in the mind and body. The spirit is free of trauma and labels. It cannot judge or compare or grasp expectations, instead is freedom and surrender to flow.  What a free place to experience life, right! Can you imagine feeling the freedom from trapped feelings and transition instead into a clean state of living? How about releasing into a flow of surrender and freedom? Will you be the change around you, seeing the world through the hearts eye, instead of the mind’s eye or the bodies entrapment of the minds view of reality. The real reality is that you have everything because you are everything, those things happening around you are only an added bonus to experiencing the truth about how you see yourself.

Resolving mind and body hurts entails facing the emotions entrapped in them. Your unconscious heart brings any disharmony into physical presence through your consciousness. Your mind makes sense out of it, which it can only do through drawing on your past experiences, which are distortions to your reality. How do you know this? Because everyone experiences and lives a unique reality that is unlike any one else’s. Understand the reality of that by looking at everyone you know. Do you see anyone living exact lives? NO, it is impossible to mimic exactly the mind’s interpretations of experiences.  Feel the impact of that and realize your reality’s are not anyone else’s.  Now realize that this creates interesting interactions doesn’t it, but that is another article for another time…

Man created out of stardust

You/we are all beings created by God, the one consciousness is always connected to us. It sends all the tools and emotions inside our hearts that create and connect to the true unconditional love that we all are in our state of truth. It is when we believe in conditional love of the mind that we create the limitations and separation of our true hearts desire, to walk this Earth dimension in harmony, love, and gratitude. We are given free will to chose what it is that we desire to experience and that is beautiful beyond measure. Realize now in your consciousness, and be aware that your unconscious, is always conspiring to bring you into a leadership role by realizing you are the only one that knows you, knows the workings of your mind, the intimacy of your body. How can anyone ‘fix’ you when there is nothing wrong with you.  You are perfect perfection in the make up of who you are, unique with all your answers right inside of you.  Your mind, body, spirit makeup holds all the keys to harmony.

Contact me if you are still struggling with the concept of you.  It is an incredible life to find balance and release the struggle between the mind, body, and spirit. I connect your conscious and unconscious by channeling your true identity that comes from your God space in the One Consciousness.  We are all so big and vibrant and full of light, love, and possibilities! The world would be that much more amazing if we all realized and lived from our harmonic state.

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