Vicki PictureHello Beautiful Friends, I’m Vicki Koritnik.

I am a gifted channel in between worlds, realms, and dimensions.  I can see all possibilities that you are from a clean and neutral place. My specialty is communicating to you the messages your mind, body, and spirit have for you in unlocking you to your highest potential. This creates an alignment that is more cohesive to your overall well being and energetic footprint or vibration.  The results you get with me are a profound and accurate understanding of yourself, your journey, and the solutions to get you there. 

Why choose me?

Instant Results! You will have instant awareness within minutes of new possibilities for yourself. I do mind/body/spirit integration allowing you to come into a greater awareness of the unconscious choices you are making from your mind and body space and shift them, releasing old beliefs and patterns for positive shifts to your life experience(s). I tap into your higher consciousness and into the Universal ‘God’ Consciousness, here your relationship to self is channeled: open, clean, and full of answers and solutions into a more positive fulfilled YOU.  I answer the “why” and ‘how’ channeled cleanly so you can be a more consciously connected Being on this planet.  

How can I help?

Are you willing to take that step to open up a conscious connection with yourself on a deeper level?

Painting by Mark Mironov

Painting by Mark Mironov

I change your perception of yourself and of the world.  Why? Because the world can only reflect and attract what you are, believe, and see yourself to be.You have to start within. I teach or redirect you to be aware of yourself, conscious and deliberate, in creating your reality. This way the world reacts positively, not negatively, as your playground to the things you want to experience. This transition creates a reality beyond what we ever believed possible. We release judgement and bring in the Universal Love of the God Energy through us as it shows up all around us, proof that we are God’s Consciousness.  WOW! Right!!

What I do.

Painting by Mark Mironov

Painting by Mark Mironov

No one knows you or loves you more intimately then you know yourself from this soul space. We open up a channel of communication between your spirit/body/mind and get a clear understanding of what is needed to shift your mind and body’s perceptions to a greater more expansive life of freedom, clarity, direction, understanding and joy. 

These sessions will immediately give you more clarity, understanding and love for yourself and others.  These shifts are life changing, very profound, and compassionately delivered in a way that is never more than you can receive. Watch your life shift into a place of positive flow, clarity, abundance, and a greater self awareness. Most of all, you will receive an understanding of yourself and your life circumstances, realign with your soul/spirit to shift your life into more of what you desire, and see those things manifest into the physical world.


Intuitive Life Coaching

  • Open up the channel to your higher self to enhance and enrich your life. Work in unison with your mind/body/spirit to reach goals and resolve any area of your life or yourself that you feel discord, disconnect and unease. I also take the best you that you are and see ways to make that even better with the help of your God/Spirit/Body connection.
  • I provide a channel to your higher knowing, it gently mentors you into exploring options for real change in your life. It shows you how to integrate your mind/body/spirit into unity so that your life is forever changed to a higher vibrational alignment and co-creates from your highest source.

Psychic Reading

  • Accurate psychic readings around jobs, relationships, self and the future. The information is clean and direct and channeled from your higher sources.
  • Amazing experience of forming a deeper connection and understanding of yourself and others.


  • Insight and messages from departed loved ones and those still with us but disconnected from your life. Amazing insight from a clean and blameless spiritual realm.  Clients are so amazed at how gentle and loving these people are in spirit.The impact that comes from the resolution, forgiveness, and clarity leaves many clients crying with love and gratitude. Very life changing if you have unresolved issues with people you no longer interact with but still hold emotionally in your mind, heart or body.
  • Intuitive death and dying transition assistance (Transition Mentor)


My office is located in Denver, CO and all of my services are available in person, over the phone, or Skype.

Phone Number: (303)886-1455
email: vkoritnik@me.com